Paralegal James Moak

A Paralegal can assist you when you need help in one of the following areas:

(a) in the Small Claims Court,

(b) in the Ontario Court of Justice under the Provincial Offences Act, ( Such as Highway traffic tickets) 

(c) in a summary conviction court under the Criminal Code (Canada),

(d) before a tribunal established under an Act of the Legislature of Ontario or under
an Act of Parliament, or

(e) before a person dealing with a claim or a matter related to a claim, including a  mediator, a person performing an evaluation, an arbitrator or the Director acting  under section 280, 280.1, 282 or 283 or 284, respectively, of the Insurance Act; “Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule” means the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule within
the meaning of the Insurance Act.

Other reasons why you would use a Paralegal:

We are specialists in the above areas, and affordable.

We are all licensed and insured in the same manner as lawyers in Ontario.